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    Language: Polish
    Published in association with: Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera
    ISMN 9790-69312-001-7

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Musical play for children and adults 

Edition of lyrics and sheet music: Olivia Kaczyńska
Written by: Agata Adamczyk
Illustrated by: Maciej Czaplicki
Published by: National Forum of Music, Wrocław

Stanisław Moniuszko wrote 268 songs. They are all very different: cheerful and solemn, short and long, simple and complex, slow-paced and fast, dramatic and lyrical, religious, patriotic, romatic. All easy on the ear. The publication features the best known and most popular ones, accopanied by the story of the composer's life. 

 Dla melomanów, i nie tylko, idealnym uzupełnieniem będzie gra planszowa Śpiewnik domowy

 Książeczka wydana została z okazji Roku Moniuszki.


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